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Fall 2018 Prescribed Burns in Prospect Heights.


11/23/2018 - Happy Day After. This is very short notice but sometimes that is all you get based on conditions. We conducted a small test burn this morning and determined we has a small window in-between 1-3:00 PM this afternoon. We are going to conduct 4 small burns. St. Alphonsus wet prairie, 103 Creek Court and 408 Hillcrest and the area in front of 9 East Marion.


Taking into account that it is a holiday and it will not be possible to reverse 911, we are going door to door in the surrounding areas and letting people know what we are doing and when. I will also be going to the fire station and police department to let them know in person.


We are taking this opportunity because the snow and inclement weather that is on the way may prevent us from getting anything burned this fall.



11/22/2018 - Happy Thanksgiving. Prospects for burning the rest of this week do not look good. The next possible dates start next Wednesday 11/20/2018 and beyond. Look for updates right here on 11/27/2018.


The Prospect Heights Natural Resources Commission will be conducting prescribed burns In several areas around Prospect Heights.


Burns are scheduled to take place  in the following locations:


The Prospect Heights Slough all along Hillside Avenue from Willow to Elmhurst Road. Along Elmhurst Road from Hillside to Isaak Walton Park. From Isaak Walton Park to 9 East Marion


Tully Park


The Nature Preserve at the Morava Center


St. Alphonsus wet prairie


The resident/test site at 408 Hillcrest Drive and 104 Creek Court


The purpose of a controlled burn is to manage the natural areas of Prospect Heights, in this case the Slough. Burning is the most important tool in the restoration tool box. It is the single most effective tool for removal of invasive buckthorn re-sprouts other invasive woody vegetation and fire intolerant species. Burning saves countless hours of volunteer labor, while promoting strong new growth of fire tolerant native plants. Burning is necessary to achieve a healthy, bio-diverse habitat.


All of the crew members have completed Chicago Wilderness Burn Crew training and are certified burn crew.


As of 11/1/2018, timing cannot be predicted due to the ever changing conditions. Safety is priority number one and if conditions are not precisely met, burns will not occur. We will give as much burn notice as possible through our email system. Residents in the immediate area will receive a reverse 911 call on the morning of. Please visit this page for the latest updates as we can provide them.


Questions may be directed to PHNRC – Agnes Wojnarski or Dana Sievertson at Residents are invited to watch at a safe distance. PHNRC Commissioners will be on hand the day of the burn to answer questions.







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