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Our mission is to preserve, protect and restore natural areas and raise awareness of environmental issues affecting Prospect Heights Illinois.


It is our goal to guide the community in natural open space preservation efforts and encourage private land owners to adopt land management practices that protect and enhance natural resources. We promote community awareness and education of environmental issues affecting Prospect Height's natural resources such as Emerald Ash Borer, storm water and flood management and the threat of invasive species.


We work in conjunction with the City of Prospect Heights, reporting to the City Council and making recommendations for legislation and other actions that would pertain to the natural resources of the city.


Our organization is an all volunteer network designed to enhance, restore and manage the natural areas and resources in order to maintain and improve their ecological health and biodiversity.  During the year, we conduct work events where volunteers come together to participate in organized restoration projects. We welcome all volunteers.

Prospect Heights Natural Resources Commission

8 N. Elmhurst Road

Prospect Heights, IL. 60070

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