June 26, 2019 - Bill Kleiman


"Nachusa Grasslands:  30 Years of Protecting and Restoring Habitat"


Please join us as we welcome Bill Kleiman for his presentation "Nachusa Grasslands:  30 Years of Protecting and Restoring Habitat".


Thirty years ago, it was a radical notion to attempt to purchase and restore a semblance of the lost Illinois landscape. Today because of the efforts of people like Bill Kleiman, it has become more commonplace.


Under Kleiman's guidance, Nachusa Grasslands project (located in Franklin Grove, Illinois) has grown to over 4,000 acres and has become  a mecca for science. Today, with staff and a vigorous volunteer cadre, The Nature Conservancy has protected sizable remnant prairie, wetlands and woodlands; weaving them together with over 100 habitat restorations.

Annually, a seasonal crew and volunteers sweep the preserve for invasive weeds.  All summer and fall, thousands of pounds of seed are hand collected from hundreds of species. In the fall, miles of fire breaks are prepared, Bison were introduced in 2014.


There are over two dozen scientists studying various aspects of the 4,000-acre preserve to help us be an innovative and intentional model project.


For 26 years, Bill Kleiman has been the project director for The Nature Conservancy’s Nachusa Grasslands in North-central Illinois.

All programs take place at the Prospect Heights Public Library's Borland meeting room and start promptly at 7:00. Nature Speaks is free admission but registration is necessary.


Bill has directed various aspects of land management, habitat restoration and the volunteer stewardship program for the 4,000 acre Nachusa Grasslands preserve.  The preserve introduced bison in 2014 and has a vigorous science program. Bill co-leads the Grassland Restoration Network, serves with the Middle Rock Conservation Partners.


Bill has been a burn boss for over 400 fires.  He is active with the Illinois Prescribed Fire Council,  co-author of the Illinois Fire Needs Assessment and the Illinois Fires Accomplished Map.


Kleiman has received awards from the Natural Areas Association and the Society of Ecological Restoration.



We invite you to join us for this amazing historical tour of the Nachusa Grasslands and learn how it was done, what was accomplished and why it is of such great importance. Attendance is free, but you must register as space is limited.


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