Back Row - L to R - Peter Hahn, Seth Marcus, Dana Sievertson, Ed Madden. Front Row - L to R - John Kamysz, Agnes Wojnarski, Jill Moskal

PHNRC Commissioners


Agnes Wojnarski - Co- Founder and Chairperson. Agnes started the Natural Resources Commission with Kari Speiglhalter in 2014. The driving force behind the Commission, Agnes is our plant savant, burn boss, herbicide applicator and operator, runs the interns programs, runs the greenhouse program and occasionally comes up for air. Agnes is a Medical Doctor in her spare time, specializing in Family Medicine. Agnes is Chicago Wilderness Burn Crew certified in addition to her S-130 and S-190 certification.


Ed Madden - One of the original starting Commissioners in 2014, Ed was a part of the formation of Friends of the McDonald Creek with Agnes. Ed is in PR for PACE bus and handles the NRC interaction with the media. Ed is Chicago Wilderness Burn Crew Certified.


Dana Sievertson - Started with the Commission in 2014 as well, originally as a volunteer and a commissioner shortly thereafter. Now retired, Dana was a creative director in his past life and brought his creative expertise with him. Dana handles all of the creative work for the NRC; website, electronic media, print, propaganda, informational signage at the restoration sites, presentations and exhibition booths and promotional items. Dana is also the Commission's Administrator overseeing the databases, interaction with the city and Park District, writes the workday notices and the monthly Resources Journal, schedules prescribed burns and programs the speakers for the Nature Speaks Program. Dana is Chicago Wilderness Burn Crew Certified.


Peter Hahn - Peter became a Commissioner in July of 2015. Peter began volunteering back in January of 2015 and it was clear he had much more to offer. With 35 years experience as the Superintendent at Ridgemoor Country Club in Chicago, and a degree in ornamental horticulture, Peter's 40 years of practical hands on experience with soils, drainage, trees, flowers, turf grass, pesticides, fertilizers and crew management, proved to be a very valuable asset. Peter has a very strong work ethic and can frequently be seen out working solamente at sites. Peter is Chicago Wilderness Burn Crew Certified and maintains his herbicide licenses.


John Kamysz - The consummate outdoors man, John became a Commissioner in December of 2015. A Radiologist by profession, John has a degree in Biology and a great understanding and love of the natural world. John began volunteering in August for 2015 and it became abundantly clear he had great ideas, a sound knowledge of construction and a very quick study to go with a charming personality.  John is a natural spokesman and is all too happy to advocate for the natural resources in Prospect Heights. He participates in educational opportunities with Seth and Agnes and is known for herculean efforts at large, important workdays. John is also the PHNRC Treasurer. John is Chicago Wilderness Burn Crew Certified.


Jill Moskal - Jill started her tenure as a Commissioner in July of 2016. Jill came to us as a 7 year volunteer from Poplar Creek Prairie Stewards where she acted as a Regional Administrator, Team Leader, Member of the Site Management Committee and Member of the Human Resources Committee. That invaluable experience immediately paid dividends to the PHNRC. As an Executive Secretary for Charles Schwab by day, she has impeccable organizational skills and functions as the Commissions Secretary, keeping us all on task.



Seth Marcus - Seth joined the Commission in April of 2018. In addition to his degree in Biology, Seth has had a lifelong commitment to nature, the environment, gardening, and the enjoyment of the outdoors. Like all of the Commissioners, Seth has invested himself in continuing his education, taking classes at the Morton Arboretum and Agnes's Summer Intern Plant ID course. Seth also oversees the Educational Outreach programs with Agnes. They routinely work with students from 4th grade to high school, both in and out of the classroom. Seth, like Peter, has a very strong work ethic and can frequently be seen out working because it needs to be done. "My love of nature has led me to want to preserve it. The PHNRC provides that opportunity." Seth is Chicago Wilderness Burn Crew Certified.





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