Nature Speaks is a part of our Education and Outreach programs and is a collaboration with our partner, the Prospect Heights Public Library.


The series will feature four speakers annually, one each season and is designed to bring important national and regional speakers to Prospect Heights to discuss important, informative and entertaining topics affecting our city, our state and our planet.


All programs take place at the Prospect Heights Public Library's Borland meeting room and start promptly at 7:00. Nature Speaks is free admission but registration is necessary. Please register by calling or visiting the information desk at the library, 847.259.3500 ext. 35 or register on line at and go to the events calendar and click on the event.

Venue Change - Due to Covid-19 all Nature Speaks talks will be a virtual Zoom presentations well into 2021.  After registration, the library will send you a link to the event as it gets closer to the date.

January 20th 2022 - Dr. Alice Bell


A Zoom Presentation 1:30 - 3:00 PM.

"Our Biggest Experiment - The Epic History of the Climate Crisis"


It was Eunice Newton Foote, an American scientist and women's rights campaigner living in Seneca Falls, New York, who first warned the world that an atmosphere heavy with carbon dioxide could send temperatures here on Earth soaring. This was back in 1856. At the time, no one paid much attention.


Traversing science, politics, and technology, Our Biggest Experiment shines a spotlight on the little-known scientists who sounded the alarm to reveal the history behind the defining story of our age: the climate crisis.


Click here to learn more



‚ÄčApril 21st, 2022 - Dr. David Schwaegler A Zoom Presentation 7:00 - 8:30 "Lake in the Hills Fen" David Schwaegler has been a volunteer at Lake in the Hills Fen since since the late eighties, before it achieved Illinois Nature Preserve status. His numerous roles include bird monitoring, butterfly monitoring, conducting plants inventories, phenology studies, tour guide and Steward, among other things. His presentation, Lake in the Hills Fen, will unravel and expose the unparalleled beauty and complexity of this most magnificent and best kept secret in Illinois. Click Here to learn more 

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