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July 17th, 2024 - Nimkii Brad Howie - A Zoom Presentation.

7:00 PM - 8:30 PM to present “Aanii, Our Relationship with Insects and the Plants they Pollinate ”.


So much of our interactions with the environment have to do with our relationships and our perspectives of the beings within the environment.


In Western culture insects are often seen as a nuisance but to the Anishinaabe, we see these beings as teachers and ones that deserve just as much respect and reciprocity as other beings.


This talk will discuss the Anishinaabe relationship with insects and try to shift our perspective of these beings and the plants they pollinate. Join me for an enlightening exploration of how altering our perspective can lead to a profound shift in our relationship with nature, influencing positive changes in our interactions with the environment.



Nimkii Brad Howie is a land teacher, ecologist, founder of Manoomin Learning, and self-proclaimed friend to all Nature. He is of mixed Polish and Anishinaabe from Nipissing First Nation ancestry. With a diverse career in education and research he authentically weaves his perspectives to deliver engaging, informative, and fun presentations. He is a Proud Member of Nipissing First Nation and holds a MES (Master of Environmental Science) and a BSc (Bachelors of Biochemistry). He is currently a Professor at Niagara College in Canada.


Admission is free of charge but you must register for in-person or Zoom presentation. This program will not be recorded.



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