Pollinator Park



North of Willow Road, in-between Wheeling and Elmhurst Roads, surrounded by Hillcrest Drive. Located in Prospect Heights. Project starts at Willow and Hillcrest Drive.








Prior to the grant that funded the project, the area was surrounded by turf grass, experienced localized flooding, shoreline erosion, had no ecological value and very little recreational value. The project looked to solve those issues by replacing the turf grass with native rich riparian buffers that would incorporate some 80 plus species of native plants. The benefits would be enormous. In addition to creating a vast pollinator habitat, the project would look to arrest and stabilize the chronic shoreline erosion, filter and retain surface runoff, create a premium insect and bird habitat and become a resident attraction through a system of nature trails and interpretive signage.


This project was funded by a grant from ComEd with matching funding from the city of Prospect Heights and a donation from our generous anonymous donor. All the plants used in this restoration were produced in the PHNRC greenhouse program.


PHNRC volunteers came together to do the work and the results speak for themselves. In a separate project, the City of Prospect Heights is funding a 5 year project to restore the shoreline around the lake based on the success of the pilot restoration. Every year a new section will be restored.





This is the place for walks that feature the intimacies of nature on the mow paths and a grand view of lake and sky from the street. Watch the pollinators at work and the birds fish. Enjoy a sunrise or a sun set from one of the natural seating areas. The wide open skyline above the lake makes for glorious panoramas and great cloudspotting. The "Can You Find Me" signage will challenge your power of observation or make a scavenger hunt for the kids. Kick back and fish from the shoreline or watch the turtles basking in the sun. Pollinator Park is the perfect sunrise or late evening promenade.




Pollinator park is a great place to observe the fishing species that frequent the area. Osprey, Egrets, Black-crowned night Herons, green Herons, great-blue Herons, Cormorants, Eagles, King Fishers and Gulls are regulars. Don't forget the pollinators and the nature trails.






Go fishing



Plants over 70 species of sedges, grasses, rushes, forbes

Informational signage and plant ID tags

The Solstice Garden



Interactive Trail map

Welcome to Pollinator Park

Start up at the pilot shoreline restoration

One year later

Cup plants at the shoreline restoration

Planting at the pilot shoreline restoration


Planting at the first riparian buffer

Planting at the fsecond shoreline restoration

Solstice garden 2022

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