January 23, 2018 - Stephen Packard


"Rare Animals. Rare Plants. Rare People. Adventures in Chicagoland Conservation"


Master story teller and restoration/conservation icon Stephen Packard joins us for an evening of intimate conversation of how Stewardship is making a difference in rescuing species and plant communities. There is less than 7/100ths of 1% of original nature left in Illinois. Dedicated scientists, advocates, and volunteers belatedly created conservation institutions here that are now world models and are rescuing species and communities from the edge of extinction to thriving recovery. Mr. Packard's talk will take a close look at these institutions and community efforts and the difference they are making.













All programs take place at the Prospect Heights Public Library's Borland meeting room and start promptly at 7:00. Nature Speaks is free admission but registration is necessary.

Stephen Packard has extensive experience in the restoration of prairies and oak woodlands.  His work has helped clarify our understanding of the composition and dynamics of these threatened communities. As Field Rep with the Illinois Nature Preserves Commission (1978-1983) director of science and stewardship for the Illinois Nature Conservancy (1983-1999), and founding director of Audubon Chicago Region (1999-2014) he helped develop the technical discipline and the popular appreciation of ecological restoration in the Chicago region.

Packard co-edited and partly wrote the “Tallgrass Restoration Handbook – for prairies, savannas, and woodlands,” a principal text in this new field. He taught conservation policy and ecology at Northwestern University (2008-2013). He helped conceive and organize many initiatives including the Volunteer Stewardship Network, Mighty Acorns, Society for Ecological Restoration, Chicago Region Biodiversity Council (Chicago Wilderness), and Friends of the Forest Preserves. Packard is on the national advisory board of Wild Ones – Native Plants, Natural Landscapes.


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